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Richard Brassfield


Richard was weaned in the industry, his parent’s local legends themselves, owned both hair salons and beauty schools.

His own training began formally back in the 70’s (sweeping floors). His studies were both stateside and abroad.

Then later teaching and performing shows not only in the U.S. but throughout the world. Current owner of the Hair Lounge and past salons: West Coast Cutters, Brassfields of Seattle and Federal Way.

Richard was Co-Founder of Visions International a show team of dozens that travelled worldwide during the 80’s and 90’s. Rick has been an educational director and platform artist for many different manufacturers.

His work has been seen onstage, in magazines and on television throughout the world…. the past 4 decades….Recognized internationally, Richard offers over 40 years of experience which enables him to lead our team and manage the salon.

During the past several years he has directed his attention to our salon team, training, educating, building and supporting our staff of 20. He has put together perhaps the greatest salon Washington State has ever known.

5 current staff members (more than a dozen through the years) have been hired to travel internationally training and teaching hundreds of thousands of hairdressers. The majority of the rest of the staff are continually in rigorous training, already teaching at salons and performing shows along the West Coast.

Not one to stay idle, Richard still maintains his own education and reputation by working shows for designers at fashion week, heading up local fashion events, and distant training seminars.

Rick also keeps busy as the consultant to young aspiring actors, actresses, singers and models for Seattle Talent, whenever they compete nationally.

The best description I can offer you of Richard: He is fun, funny, talented, down to earth, very real, and very authentic…. When you hear someone say “he is such a nice guy….” that is Rick they are referring too!