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R.J. Jones

R.J. is one of the original instigators when back in the 70’s he and Richard worked together laying the groundwork for what is now the HairLounge. After working with Richard, RJ started his own trendy salon in the early 80’s, Shear Dimensions.

After two and a half decades the two came back together. R.J. is responsible for nearly half of the staff we have today. R.J.’s own skills cover the entire gamut.

Here is the Readers Digest version: Apprenticed with Richard Brassfield at West Coast Cutters, started Shear Dimensions salon, trained dozens of stylists, many of which opened their own salons or are still staff members today.

R.J. was also a founding member of the Visions International styling team, leading dozens of show artists. R.J. has performed several world tours and traveled throughout North America more years than we should count, teaching, training and entertaining the troops (O.K. hairdressers).

R.J. has a second talent as well as a second business, which brings both him and his customers the same kind of joy – YARDCORE LANDSCAPING. R.J. designs and installs beautiful gardens.

You need only to see his yard to have a full appreciation of his skill. His greatest reward has been his son Christian Carson Jones.

R.J. has excellent people and leadership skills; anyone looking at the welcoming smile on his face can sense this. These skills flow into his relationship with his salon guests.

“I believe all of R.J.’s clients think of him as a personal friend. He is a very talented hairdresser with a witty sense of humor.

A very humble person by nature, I might guess half of his clients are not aware R.J. has been hired to perform more shows and work more photo sessions than most celebrity hairstylists (see resume). It is a joy to work alongside R.J.”