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Hair Extensions

Our staff was hired as the only extension artists to present on the main stage at the 2005 Long Beach Convention Center in California, to over 70,000 hairdressers.  No other salon in the United States can make this claim.

We offer over 7 different methods of

  • Single Strand Bonding (4 Varieties)
  • Wefting/Tracking
  • Fiber
  • Clip In
  • Microline/integration
  • hairpieces
  • Wigs

We source the finest Virgin Human Hair

Has never had any chemicals applied… It’s All Natural From

  • Europe (Austria, Sweden, Germany)
  • Russia
  • Czech Republic
  • South America
  • India
  • And Throughout Asia

We Also

  • Can provide blonde hair that is real blonde hair, not colored.
  • Can provide curly hair that is real curly hair,not permed.
  • Can match up textures precisely, fine to fine, curly to curly etc.
  • Can match up color precisely, even using high definition magnifying to determine an exact mix of color and texture.
  • Have several different levels and types of hair to choose from, matching everyone’s color, texture and budget.

The consultation may well be the most important step in your hair extension service!

All consultations are complimentary (no charge)

*We ask you to pre-book an appointment for your consultation, to allow time to answer all your questions.

Here are a few questions we will ask during your consultation:

  • Are you looking for length, thickness, highlights or a combination?
    Only one third of all extension clients’ desire length! Some use them only to make their hair thicker or fuller, some to add highlights without damage or fading.
  • What length would you like your hair to be?
    We will give you recommendations on the best length determined by your current hair length, style choice, desired outcome and cost.
  • How much time do you spend on your hair? Are you willing to spend additional time your hair?

    The length, style and method of Hair Extensions chosen will determine the amount of time necessary to maintain them. It may be more or less time than you currently spend, depending upon which method is used.

Upon completing your consultation we will give you a complete and accurate estimate for your extensions.

Note: A deposit of 50% is required to book your Hair Extension appointment.