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My New Hair Extensions

From childhood, girls dream of long flowing hair. Sad to say mine was always fine and stringy. The usual response from my stylist was “keep it short”. Let me tell you I tried everything I could to make my hair grow, but to no avail. I’ve tried gelatin capsules, products, and more, but my hair remains fine and a bit stringy when it reaches my shoulders.

Another common problem women face when getting older is thinning hair. It would be so hard to go from a full head of hair to only a few strands. Most women just live with what they’ve been given and don’t consider the new options available today. Or you might be the one saying, “My hair is already great, why would I need extensions”! Let me tell you there are still fun, exciting options for you too. Only one third of the people wearing extensions wear them for length. Another third get them for thickness. And yet another group uses them for highlights and color. The color will not fade, you can get the exact desired shade, lighter or darker… and no damage to your own hair, change it back anytime you choose. Colors that you may not want to keep as permanent.

In my years of going to hair salons I never knew there was help so close. I have to say there is one salon a cut above the rest, right here in my hometown of Federal Way, WA. I found one of the most notable salons worldwide specializing in hair extensions. Just to give you some history… The Hair Lounge began in 1981. Now under the leadership of Rick Brassfield and Marv Smith, they take the art of hair to new levels. They literally tour the world refining, consulting and teaching the latest techniques in hair extensions. High in demand, these two men along with the staff at the Lounge come with years of service and achievements.

So I decided I wanted to try this hot trend sweeping the country. In a matter of one hour I was amazed at the transformation that took place right before my very eyes. To begin with, I scheduled a personalized consultation. During which, I was able to ask as many questions as necessary to feel knowledgeable about my decision. This also allowed them to understand my concerns, desires and needs so they could recommend the best options for me. The most exciting part of my consultation was hearing the success stories of other woman who opted for this fun change in their lives. In particular, the story of a recovering cancer patient, feeling like she needed an extra boost to look beautiful once again. Amazing testimonies that make you realize we all just want to look the best we can.

For each individual the desired results can vary; from achieving thicker, longer or highlighted hair to coverage for a thinning scalp. Some may just want a new look for a special occasion. The beautiful thing is the hair technician is there to guide and inform you of your best options. Believe me you don’t have to know everything when you arrive. The options really surprised me as well. It’s no longer just one type of extension service; they actually have more than 20 different methods to choose from! Forget what you may have heard in the past. The techniques have evolved and grown to cutting edge methods.

Marv not only took the time to inform me of my options, but went right into showing me what it would look like. He was kind to offer tips to straighten my hair, as well as show me product that helped me achieve a better look. When I was done looking in the mirror, I was shocked at the transformation. My only concern leaving the salon was what if I run into a friend? Will they notice? Marv and Rick both assured me people won’t quite know what’s different about you. They will think you look great, and maybe even make a comment, “did you change your hair color?” or “did you loose weight?” But most likely they won’t be able to put their finger on why!

That day was fun and exhilarating. My husband was happily surprised too. I can honestly say I enjoyed my experience and would love to try some other methods in the future. I’ll keep you informed for other fun ideas to consider. Say goodbye to the old you, and give extensions a try for a more youthful, vibrant you.

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