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Sabrina has been a member of our salon family for many years….. Sabrina, a cancer survivor, has a unique, compassionate perspective to helping her clients with hair problems.  Sabrina is a fighter, I myself have learned through watching her how the strength of a mother, a wife and a caring stylist giving more to others is not stopped by her own set of obstacles.  A traumatic experience for anyone, you would never know by Sabrina actions. It has only set her on fire, doubling her business and her zeal for life.   Sabrina has realized just how profoundly a stylist with compassion, kindness and knowledge can make a difference in one’s life… It’s no surprise she specializes in creating a new image to brighten up and offer self-confidence. Sabrina is well versed in hair extensions, cutting, waxing, all forms of color and an expert at Eyelash Extensions.   Sabrina can also tint, and lift your lashes (a method of permanent curling for eyelashes).  Sabrina knows firsthand how devastating a lack of confidence or change in self-image can be. She is always willing to take the time offering complimentary consultations and any type of hair questions, hair loss, color, style, body, and face type.