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Paige Davenport



I’m Paige, a petite girl with big personality! I wake up every day happy and excited to go to work and do what I do. I strive to make people happy, to help them feel the best about themselves. I was born and raised here in Washington; I discovered my passion for hair at the young age, of six years.

Instead of playing dress up with my Barbie’s I was playing hairdresser. I created quite a pile of hair at the end of my driveway (because my mom wouldn’t let me cut hair in the house).

You could say that I have always known this is what I was born to do. My family is a big part of my life so when I’m not in the salon you can find me hanging out with them, or my good friends. I aspire to be the best I can, to continue growing both as a stylist and as an individual.”

You can tell by Paige’s own words working at the salon is a joy not a job. Paige is such a perfectionist. Several years back when we hired her, our reasoning was simple; she was the best…. Paige had achieved and maintained the highest level of any student attending a prestigious school.

A real goal setter, Paige has never disappointed us. Several years back we as a salon were hired to perform a show for hundreds of Hairstylists in Oregon. When I mentioned to Paige it was time for her to be part of the show team. She was just a little nervous…..

True to form Paige practiced on mannequins’, on live models, wrote scripts … and re-wrote them. For weeks she practiced until everything she was to present was flawless. This is how Paige works, and her guests are the beneficiaries. Our staffs are Extension specialists and Paige is no exception.

Paige completed her Extension training by becoming certified in 7 different methods. Paige continued training until she herself became a trainer… and then continued training, until she has become a national Trainers, trainer (one of only ½ dozen in the U.S.).  Paige is now a training director for the Hairlounge  ensuring all of our upcoming stylists maintain the same level of expertise.

Paige has traveled to Cambodia as part of a worldwide team of hairdressers helping women escape from human trafficking.  She spent many weeks training these women teaching them how to do hair so they could support themselves. Paige also volunteered at a salon in Cambodia donating all of her money to continue support these women and many others in the future.

“When I first met Paige I had never done anything to my hair except get a haircut every other year. Now, 3 years later I have had several ombre’, balayage and all over colors… even Hair Extensions! Paige is amazing at matching colors to my fair skin tone and shaping my hair to my face when cutting.

I trust her 100% with my hair, Paige is honest with me, tells me straight what will look good as well as what she wouldn’t recommend (explaining to me why it might not be good for my hair, face shape, etc.). This demonstrates to me that her care for her clients is altruistic. Anyone who chooses Paige as a stylist can trust they will be in good hands….. Literally.”

Jade C.