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Marv Smith-LeBleu


marvRecognized as the leading expert in the United States for hair extensions, Marv Smith-LeBleu is the only hair extension artist to ever be asked and performed on the main stage at all major U.S. shows.

Marv was recently voted one of the top 40 extension stylists in the United States he was also awarded for the best daytime wedding style of the year.

He has been in the beauty industry for over 37 years. Marv works… literally, around the world year after year. Movie sets, magazines, television shows, runways and photo shoots, performing before audiences of tens of thousands, always returning here to Federal Way, Washington.

Most male hairdressers didn’t grow up cutting their G.I. Joes hair and dreaming of being a famous stylist …neither did Marv!

However a homeroom notice allowing any senior to skip 3rd period (Geometry class!!!!!) and attend a seminar on Cosmetology (what is Cosmetology anyway?) was announced, a letter to attend the scholarship awards banquet (had to be a mistake) and finally a popular movie starring Warren Beatty (in his prime) as a very cool babe magnet, had him enrolled.

Soon winner of every student haircutting competition in the state, he thought he was pretty cool. It didn’t take long for him to discover he had a long way to go to be remotely cool. Marv went to his first hair show, and knew he wanted to be cool just like the artists on stage.

Studying hair was only a piece of the puzzle to be on stage. So he began to study dance, martial arts, took on extreme skating and participated in a comedy troupe (a traveling club version of Saturday Night Live).

National competitions for Lip Sync (he was the one that looked like Jane and the monkey on the Today Show) finally working his way up the ladder to performing hair shows.

Starting out small….. very small, playing towns like Butte, Montana, in a room located behind the dishwasher (O.K. a closet) with two tables pushed together for a stage, models with no teeth (really!) and a paying audience of a least 20 people.

He was trying hard to be cool. Eventually after many years, hard work and lots of travel Marv has worked every major hair show on the world circuit (but still desperately working on the cool part).

Marv is an expert in the hairdressing field; he is currently hired by several major manufacturers as a consultant to either oversee new product development, as a spokesperson or a trainer.

His travels have slowed, so he may spend more time with his family. He has a beautiful wife Kerry, daughters Dax, and Elle, twin sons Sage and Skylar that which he considers his life’s greatest blessings…

Monthly jobs still take him both nationally and abroad for photo sessions, editorial work, and shows.

** Currently Hair Extension technology is at the forefront of our industry.