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Jessica’s childhood always included hair… She would pause her favorite movies to recreate the hairstyles on herself, family and friends.  Jessica knew she just had to be a hairdresser!  Never wavering from her steadfast desire, with hard work and big heart, Jessica was the first choice to become the newest staff member of The Hair Lounge in 2011.

The same day she graduated from Gene Juarez Beauty Academy, Jess also began her training at the Hairlounge.  A vigorous 12-month training program to earn her Master Degree in Hairdressing, a feat less than 5% of hairdressers in the U.S. accomplish.  As part of Jessica’s training she had to coordinate, direct and produce a series of six shows and photo sessions.  She studied and perfected seven different types of hair extension methods. Eventually becoming a certified salon trainer herself, traveling to other salons to teach.

With Jess’ love for fashion and adventure she decided to move.  She chose one of the most influential cities in the world for fashion and hair, Los Angeles California. There she was hired to work editorial photo sessions, reality T.V. shows.  Her experiences continued to grow.  Jessica managed and directed the Susan G. Komen breast cancer awareness fashion show and expo event.  This included  hundreds of local designers, hairdressers,  make-up artists, and vendors. Jessica was also hired by a top salon, Luxe Lab, located in beautiful Santa Monica.  There she continued her training with some of the best in the industry.

Another of Jess’ greatest passions is living a healthy lifestyle.  Staying fit, working out, keeping active, and eating nutritious foods.  She not only feels good and looks amazing, but is truly an example of what’s possible for others.  Jessica is a Yoga Certified Trainer she continues to lead groups hiking and practicing yoga on mountain tops.  Jessica teaches additional fitness classes with proceeds going directly toward helping human-trafficked victims and poverty around the globe.

“Jessica took a year to travel… literally around the world.  Jessica traveled to 11 different countries, seeking and helping those in need, in fear, or in desperation.  Jessica came home and again left to Cambodia so she could help young women to break free.  Jessica gave freely of herself and her skills so they too could learn a skill to support themselves and their familiesJess is a young person with an old soul.. Someone I have grown to admire and love. We are blessed to have her back.” Marv Smith-LeBleu

Jessica believes there is no greater reward than helping people to look and feel good about themselves, inside and out.

Traveling the world Jessica has gained a strong understanding of diversity and other cultures. Sharing her life lessons and her captivating personality, there is little doubt that wherever she goes she will keep life-long clients… friends

“Jessica becomes much more than just a stylist or a  personal trainer, she becomes a great friend.”

Great dreams, hard work, commitment and passion, have proven to Jessica that every open road is an opportunity to a life full of adventure….  Jess is eager to continue her life’s journey, with a strong belief. “No matter how great you are, no matter what your profession, you must always stay true to your passion, what you love and your vision.  Always remember why you do what you do and you will not feel like you’ve worked a day in your life.”