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History of The Hair Lounge



The Hair Lounge has been a part of the Federal Way community since 1980. Our stylists remain on the forefront of the beauty industry. We are an educational based salon, always providing you with the most updated and current styles.

hairlounge early 80s


We began as two “sister” salons: Shear Dimensions and Brassfield’s. Both salons quickly built their teams and reputations. R.J. Jones heading up Dimensions with a dozen stylists including our own: Marv Smith-Lebleu and Helen Piatt.

Brothers Rick and Dan Brassfield, with their namesake salon, Brassfield’s began building the same, again with a dozen stylists including Patty Seaver.

hairlounge 80's


Then the two salons combined forces on stage. The Visions Team taking the award for “Best of Show” on the main stage, (70,000 hairdressers in attendance) in Los Angeles. Then as the first American hairdressers to tour the country of Korea, it was broadcast nationwide. The Visions Team were desired and hired by major companies: Helene Curtis, Matrix, Graham Webb, Paul Mitchell, Bath and Body Works, Hairdreams, Movie sets, Television shows, Runway shows and more.

They continued traveling worldwide performing hair shows 40 weeks per year, for over 1 million hair dressers throughout the 80’s and 90’s (Italy, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Guam, Korea, Japan, Bahamas, Australia, throughout Canada and the United States).

Through the years the ownerships traded hands while still maintaining the same standards, and the same team of stylists.

hairlounge history


Then in 2000 the two salons became one, The HairLounge was born under the leadership of Richard Brassfield. The staff has expanded to over 20; today the staff still travels monthly.

The team continues to work with L’Oreal, John Robert Powers, designers Annette Koraubkin, Joseph Domingo and Pierre Balmain. No other salon in the state of Washington has as many stylists that have traveled teaching, working and consulting worldwide.